Dear friends of music,

Songs and folk music belong to Moravian region as well as fine wine from local vineyards. It is not surprising that many of the excellent Czech musicians come from this picturesque corner of the Czech Republic. Among them, the folk group Musica Moravica.

The repertoire of this ensemble is much larger than the Czech, Moravian, Slovakian and Hungarian folklore. Musica Moravica can surprise you with its original adaptations of evergreens from all over the world, rock pieces, opera and operetta melodies, country, classical or film music.

Musica Moravica is made to be played at various festivals and celebrations, official as well as unofficial concerts. Thanks to this flexibility Musica Moravica have occured in many countries worldwide.

Let's be enchanted by the fascinating melodies and varied music that mixes several musical genres at once.

The ensemble consists of a dulcimer, violin and double bass. The number of musicians may nevertheless vary according to demand. It is possible to add a clarinet, viola and second violin. Musica Moravica will come to you and adapt its performance to your needs.